Sponge Cakes Ltd Review

You may know that last week it was my birthday, and the chore of finding a yummy vegan birthday cake came around again. Luckily enough for me, the lovely people at Sponge asked if I would like to receive one of their new vegan cakes to test out, how could I say no?

Sponge have a a large range of cakes to choose from, and their two newest creations are both vegan! They have a chocolate cake and a carrot cake, I chose carrot because I haven’t actually had one in years and was not disappointed in the slightest.


“We are super proud of our Vegan Carrot Cake – It’s perfectly spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg and loaded with wholesome ingredients, then topped with delicate lemon icing and sprinkled with walnuts for added crunch. It’s moist and flavourful, undetectably vegan and most of all yum! Enjoy.” – Sponge

Wow did this cake exceed my expectations. Delivered to my door on my birthday, it came packaged beautifully and arrived completely unscathed from the journey to my house. The flavour was delicious, and the lemony icing was a perfect element to balance out the sweetness from the cake. The cake itself was moist and delicious, you really would not be able to tell it apart from a non vegan version (as I was told by all of my family who also thoroughly enjoyed it!)


These cakes are currently available to order at £14.75 for 8 servings, and £23 for 16 servings, which is really great value in my opinion. They can also be made gluten free which is amazing!

You can find both the new vegan carrot cake and vegan chocolate cake here –

Thankyou so much to Sponge for sending this out to me for review, I can’t wait to try the chocolate flavour next.

Have you tried cakes from Sponge? Let me know your thoughts.

Jas x

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