Banana Protein Pancakes

I was very kindly gifted a tub of Garden Of Life‘s* Raw Organic Vanilla Protein Powder and what better recipe to test it with than pancakes!



  • 1 scoop of vegan protein
  • 2 scoops of oats (I use the scoop in the protein to measure this)
  • 1 large banana
  • 150ml plant milk


  1. Place all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. This is your batter.
  2. Heat a non stick pan on high and use oil if you wish, my pan doesn’t require any so I skip this!
  3. Pour your batter into small circles in the pan, mine is 28cm wide and I can usually fit about 3 pancakes at a time. The size of your pancakes is completely up to you but I find they have a tendency to break if they’re too big.
  4. Smother in whatever toppings you fancy and enjoy!

If you’d like to purchase anything from the Garden Of Life UK * website you can use my code JAS25 to get 25% off!

Do let me know if you try this recipe! I’d love to see you post your creations and make sure you tag me @littlepieceofvegan 🙂

Jas x


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Squidgy Banana Bread

Banana bread is one of my favourite things to bake because I usually buy a bunch of bananas when I food shop with very healthy intentions (obviously), but always seem to get to the weekend with them still sitting on my kitchen side, now overly ripe. I think it would be a bit of an injustice to them not to turn them into something delicious.


4 almost blackened bananas

2 cups oat flour (oats whizzed in a blender)

1 cup brown sugar

5 tablespoons almond butter (or any nut butter really)

1 tsp baking powder

sprinkle of salt


Grease and line a loaf tin with baking paper and preheat oven to 180c

Add bananas to a mixing bowl and mash them until fairly smooth, I like a few little banana chunks left in there still.

Combine with the rest of the ingredients and mix to a smooth batter.

Add the mixture to your loaf tin and bake for around 50 minutes to an hour, use a skewer in the centre to check if the middle is cooked. I couldn’t find my loaf tin but your average cake tin will still work absolutely fine!

I like to serve it warm with a little drizzle of dairy free yoghurt or sometimes spread a slice with a little nut butter.

Walnuts are also a tasty addition into the batter, there are so many different flavour variations you can make with this simple recipe.


I would love to know if you try this out and enjoy it, please tag me on instagram if you do!